Background information concerning Dr. Amid Habib includes 44 years of life experience in Pediatric and Adult Endocrinology and intense interest in the nutritional aspect of diabetes and atherosclerosis dating back to 1998.  A study performed by Dr. Habib in 1999-2000 was the grounds for applying for a patent back on September 5, 2003, with two patents issued so far, the first is #7,332,181 issued on February 19, 2008 and the second is #7,875,291 issued on January 25, 2011, with other patents still pending.

Dr. Habib was board certified in Pediatrics in 1976 and in Pediatric Endocrinology in 1978.  He is a clinical researcher and the co-author of a book with Professor Brian Peskin entitled the “Hidden Story of Cancer”, which was first published in 2006 with the 6th edition published recently, detailing in particular the relation between healthy and proper essential fatty acids and the development and prevention of cancer. He is also on the board of Cambridge International Institute for Medical Science (CIIMS).

He is the past President of the Florida Endocrine Society, President of Pediatric Endocrinology Consultants, President and founder of the Glu-Pro Corporation, President and founder of the Treolife Corporation and President and founder of United People in Christ Corporation.