In Their Own Words

“It was wonderful to speak with you. I am so grateful for all you have done for me over the years. The way you taught me how to handle diabetes made it not be any big deal. I just simply adjust situations to work for my sugars the way you taught me. People at times seem amazed at how I will have a couple of small bites of a cake at a party and then I’m done as it just tastes too sweet for me. You are an excellent teacher and doctor. Godbless.” – Stephanie W.

“I’m sure by now that you have received the baby announcement of Molly and Michael’s new son Judah born on May 31st of this year! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous over-the-top out of the box Medical Care and advice that you gave to Molly over the past 20-plus years. Without your expertise and sincere caring Molly and her newborn son Judah would not be as healthy as they are today. Not a day goes by that we do not think of you. We thank the good Lord for finding you all those years ago at a juvenile diabetes association meeting at Arnold Palmer Hospital sitting on that panel with other pediatric endocrinologists. You were different and you changed our lives. Thank you for being the most amazing doctor and human being!! Love to you and your family.” – Beth M.

“I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was in sixth grade. Over the last seven or eight years, my HbA1c tended to hover in the upper 7s, despite various medications. However, about a year ago, I went off the other meications and started taking the Treolife supplements. After the first three months, my A1c levels dropped, and I am now consistently in the 6.8 to 7 range. It has really made a significant difference for me. Thank you!” – John K.

“Though my husband and I are not diabetic, type 2 diabetes runs in our families and we have high cholesterol levels. After the first three months on the Treolife supplements, we dropped our overall cholesterol level by an average 11%, our LDL level an average of 15%, triglycerides an average of 36% and increased our HDL cholesterol an average of 16%. We’re now nearly in normal cholesterol ranges. We both also lost weight and our energy levels increased.” – Christine & Jon W.

“I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 15. When I started taking the Treolife supplements a year ago, I noticed a difference after about a month of taking it. There was a marked increase in my sensitivity to insulin and when I went for my next checkup, my HbA1c came back half a percent lower. Without Treolife, my A1c levels hovered near 7% and now they’re generally between 6% & 6.5%. Also, I’ve become more active and I find that when I take the Treolife EFA supplements about 15 minutes before my workout, I have less muscle fatigue and more endurance. The overall quality of my exercise is better, too, with less soreness immediately afterward or the next day. It’s an amazing supplement.” – Brian B.

“About a year ago, on the recommendation of a doctor/friend, I began taking the Treolife supplements to help with my recovery from a major surgery. Within the first several months I noticed a pronounced improvement in my energy levels, even compared to my pre-surgery levels, and I also started to lose weight! I’ve now gone down three belt notches without making any changes to my lifestyle other than taking Treolife on a daily basis, and I feel I have more energy than I’ve had in years!” – Warren M.

“Thank you for introducing me to the Treolife supplements, though it was my cardiologist that suggested I talk to you since I recently had a stent put in my right coronary artery. I had been having angina despite having a normal BP, cholesterol and healthy lifestyle. I really appreciate you taking the time to eplain the science behind the EFA oils.

I have been on the supplements for over a year and just had labs and a check up with my cardiologist. My lipid profile has improved so much, even on the lower dose of Lipitor, that he said I could reduce the dose even further. I exercise regular and have no angina symptoms.

I plan to stay on the Treolife System “forever”. Enclosed is a copy of my labs, just to brag on myself and your supplements!” – H. Kenneth W. Jr. MD

“Being diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia at a relatively young age (38) was unexpected. I proceeded with the usual treatments – statins, but could not tolerate several attempts at various drugs due to myalgia (muscle weakness) and increases in my liver function tests. I essentially had few options but decided on a trial of Treolife VM and EFA – my triglycerides and cholesterol are now normal, I take three EFA capsules morning, night, and 1 VM every morning. I am retired at age 59 and my wife, Lisa is also taking The Treolife EFA and VM. It is worth serious consideration if your lipid profile is a health concern.” –Dr. Mikel & Lisa T

“My daughter Molly was diagnosed at the age of five years as Diabetic, with a blood sugar of 1100. She is now 26 years old, and has just completed her 16th marathon. Her Pediatric Endocrinologist was Dr. Amid Habib, who has a practice in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Molly saw him from 1996 to 2007. In 1999, Molly was one of the first 30 of his kids that participated in his own trial on the importance of Vitamins and Minerals in relation to blood glucose management. He developed a formula with a pharmacist in the Orlando area consisting of 10 Vitamins and 9 Minerals. His results were astonishing. Most patient’s HBA1C’s were reduced significantly while on this formula for 6 months (being tested every 3 months), when the children were switched to the placebo, their HBA1C’s went dramatically up. A second formula contains a unique blend of 5 EFA oils, combined with Vitamin E and co-enzyme Q-10 was also formulated by Dr. Habib to complete and enhance the benefits of the VM formula. Dr. Habib, applied for and was granted a US Patent for the two formula in February of 2008. In January of 2011, a second US Patent was granted. Molly has been taking Dr. Habib’s VM and EFA formulas for years and her Diabetes has been under excellent control through all these years. Thank you Dr. Habib.” – Beth M.