Diabetes Connections

 In this six part video series titled, Diabetes Connections, Dr. Habib discusses connections between several vitamins and minerals are involved in glucose metabolism.

VM & EFA Slideshows

These PDF downloads are from presentations made by Dr. Habib about vitamins & minerals (VM), & essential fatty acids (EFAs). VM Slideshow (PDF) EFA Slideshow (PDF)

Obesity Crisis

By: Dr. Amid Habib The United States and probably the entire world is facing an unprecedented health crisis due to a tremendous increase in the incidents of obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia…

Essential Fatty Acids

Dietary fats include primarily, Triglycerides, Cholesterol and fatty acids.  Fatty acids are used for energy by the cells or modified into phospholipids to be incorporated in the cell membranes.  Some…

The VM Study

The VM & EFA formulas complement each other and are tailored for individuals who are diabetics, pre-diabetics and those at risk. In a double-blind, placebo controlled with crossover at 6…